International shipping in L.N.M

L.N.M. INTERNATIONAL CARGO L.L..C is an organization that provides a full range of services for importing and exporting goods to and from the United Arab Emirates and works to complete the clearance of goods in the fastest time while ensuring the lowest logistical costs and ensures the rapid passage of customs borders and the implementation of all necessary documents .


A global network of experts and shipping agents guarantees the import of the best quality products and prices in order to achieve customer satisfaction and guarantee them again .Import and export are two means of foreign trade. Foreign trade takes place in goods and services - which includes imports ,exports and the balance of foreign trade presented separately for goods and services and total imports and exports and the balance of foreign trade are presented as summaries of goods and services .


Exporting the best and required products in the local and Arab markets , as Dubai is considered one of the three most important export and re-export centers in the world ,thanks to its distinguished growth and development on a global level .Being the strategic gateway between East and West and between developed and emerging markets ,the global trade opportunities in Dubai are great and promising .

International shipping

In International shipping we have our own relationships with reliable freight forwarding companies and agents, enabling us to assist you in any sea, land or air shipping process, as the international shipping process plays an effective role in the development of the economy and affects global trade, as shipping activity between countries is a vital indicator of the strength of the economy. Global, as goods are transported from one place to another, and all necessary and necessary materials in life are shipped, such as raw materials for industries, food, and medicines, to name a few. Thus, shipping helps the prosperity of world trade and the development of the economy of countries that lack some materials and obtain them through shipping .

customs clearance

It is a very important process in international shipping, especially for freight forwarders in international markets, as well as small and medium-sized companies. Here is where the freight forwarder can help you with his knowledge and experience, sparing you various hassles in the process. However, if you are setting foot in the international market, you'd better be familiar with the basics of the customs clearance process. Therefore, we at L.N.M. INTERNATIONAL CARGO L.L..C services provide a customs clearance service that saves our customers the trouble and hardship of customs, enabling them to receive their goods cleared and ready to where they want to store them .

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